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Evening Post- August 12, 1899, “Thrashed by a Lady Cyclist”. 

An extraordinary scene was witnessed on Saturday morning in Peel Lane, a thoroughfare connecting Little Hulton with Tyldesley, in which the principal participants were a young lady cyclist and a youth of nineteen or twenty. The lady was riding at a good pace, and when in a quiet part of the road the young man, who had apparently been imbibing, stepped into the roadway, and, addressing some insulting remarks to the cyclist, made as if he intended pulling her off the machine. She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in scientific fashion, to the delight of several coliers who were passing. The young man made off, and the cyclist, who is believed to be a Bolton lady noted for her athletic powers, rode off towards Tyldesley. 

What an awesome tale- the tale of a lady on two wheels not taking any guff! 

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"Using her fists in scientific fashion."

Dream Garage


So, here are the rules: You get to pick 2 cars and a tow vehicle, and one extra vehicle of your choice. For example:

I would have an ALPINA tuned BMW 2002ti for my track car and a silver Audi RS6 Avant for my daily. My tow rig would be a black early 90s Ford…

As long as we’re dreaming here, I’ll take a ‘55 Porsche 550 Spyder, ‘50 Merc leadsled daily driver, ‘55 Chevrolet Apache 4X4 tow vehicle, Harley XG1200 two-wheeler.

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